At “Bird” we believe quality is ultimately derived from decisions made and actions taken in the vineyard.

Winemaker Steve Bird has been in the wine industry for almost 30 years and is regarded as one of the most accomplished winemakers in New Zealand.  Establishing Steve Bird Winery & Vineyards in 2006, Steve says owning his own family vineyard is the ultimate.

“This traditional, purist environment is about the culture of winemaking and putting your money where your heart is. I have always been impressed and inspired by family wine businesses that have stood the test of time. We have a number of them in New Zealand, but not nearly enough.”

Steve Bird Winery & Vineyards is deliberately geared towards the future and long term thinking.  Steve and his wife Caroline’s  two children Adriana and Patrick are already showing a keen interest in the business.  The company’s brands are influenced strongly by their family heritage and their homeland – New Zealand.

While both Bird & Manu demand an  ever increasing presence in New Zealand, they are also heavily exported to the USA, China, Japan, Europe, Thailand, South America, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Steve Bird Winery & Vineyards Limited is proud to be accredited to Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.